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Software License Agreement South Africa

Software support includes providing free email and phone support to help you install the software on your computer system. In addition, general support can be provided to help you understand the functions of the various features of the software. However, there is no free help for applying Itasca software to certain custom problems. If you have user contributions, with the exception of requests for technical assistance, in Itasca, you grant Itasca and its affiliates a non-exclusive, free and unlimited right and license to use, reproduction, dissemination, display, transmission, publication, editing, editing and/or creation of derivative works from user contributions in any format, including, but without limitation, on the code or watermark of these contributions, on the software and related advertising materials provided in any use, forum or format of Itasca or its related companies. Using the Software, you state that (a) you have read this CLLU (b) You agree and agree to be bound and comply with it, and (c) this CLE has the same strength and effect as a signed agreement. If you do not accept this CLA, you cannot access or use the Software.As described below, as the use of the software is also your consent to the transmission of certain computer information for the acquisition of licenses and certain optional utility features in the software. If you accept this CLA on behalf of your employer or business unit, you confirm that you are entitled to accept this CAU on behalf of that party or business. You confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you are fully able and competent to comply with and comply with the conditions, conditions, obligations, insurance, insurance, guarantees and allowances set out in this ECJ. This software is provided by Itasca or one of its authorized agents. Ownership of the media on which the software is registered and the supporting printed documentation, if any, will be transferred to you, but ownership of the software is retained at Itasca. You take responsibility for selecting the software to get your results, installing the software, using and resultsing the software. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the software (or part of the software) on a temporary or permanent basis, with or without notification, and we are not required to support or update the Software, except under this ECJ.

YOU AGREE THAT ITASCA IS NOT LIABLE TO YOU OR THIRD PARTIES IF WE EXERCISE OUR RIGHT TO MODIFY OR STOP THE SOFTWARE (OR PART OF THE SOFTWARE). Unless expressly stated otherwise, all new features that complement or improve the current software are subject to this C.A. IN USING THE SOFTWARE, YOU ARE THIS EULA VERSION.